Drilling & Completions Fluid

Drilling & Completions Fluid Services

As a full-service drilling fluids company, DeepWell Energy Services provides drilling and completions fluids to the oil and gas industry. Whether it is a liquid, sack or dry bulk product, we can deliver products and materials to and from customer job sites in Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas and Texas.

DeepWell provides trained, competent and professional field service representatives with multiple years of industry experience. In all instances, DeepWell’s representatives perform their various duties in a safe, professional manner that reflects the positive reputation of the company; they assist the customer’s drilling team in every way possible. We expect full safety participation with zero health, safety and environment incidents on all jobs.

With our state-of-the-art real-time fleet tracking capability and satellite communication technology, you can be confident of where your team and materials are and that your delivery will arrive on time.